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Get Involved

Become a Seed Holder 

If you like the SeedBomb ethos and want to support this project, you'll first need to get yourself some Seeds. We have prepared the following Steps Plan which should provide the key steps to help you to become a Seed Holder. ​We will also be airdropping to early supporters of this project, for details keep track of us on Reddit and Twitter using the links at the base of this page!

We are also pleased to announce that Seed Holders can now stake their Seeds using Algostake. For those less familiar with staking, it effectively allows you to allocate a portion of your total Seeds to a staking plan, where you receive additional Seeds in exchange for a commitment to not sell them. This is a great way of rewarding supporters and Community Members! You can find information on how to do this by selecting the Staking Plan button below. 

Become a Community Member

Suggest and Vote on Community Initiatives - the Giving Process

We are all about handing power back to our Community Members. The Community Members have a unique chance to shape the projects that we will help administer. Part of this is through the requirement for community-wide votes, both in our Giving Process and on changes to the SeedBomb structure. You can see more detail on this in the White Paper and we would be happy to discuss any queries you have on it through social media or email. 

We will list any groups that we partner with and who benefit from our community here.

Contribute to the SeedBank and Help Make Education Accessible - the Community Giving Process

We are passionate about accessibility and education. To make this part of SeedBomb, we have created the SeedBank, a source of articles focused on environmental topics. To encourage our Community Members to help us build up the SeedBank, there are some Seeds set aside for this initiative.. The SeedBank will not sit behind a pay wall, unlike many other educational resource sites, giving readers, students and researchers the chance to learn for free. It will also generate advertising revenue which can be put back into the SeedBomb community and be used for further developments.

You can find out more about the SeedBank in the White Paper if you are interested. We are very excited about this initiative and think it is another way that SeedBomb can be a force for good!

SeedBomb NFTs - the Recycling Process

One of the key tenets of SeedBomb is to maintain a ringfenced fund that can be used to allocate much needed resources to environmental projects. One way that we will recycle this money and replenish the pot is by running NFT auctions for Community Members. Community Members can show off their creative skills and produce NFTs to be sold at the auction - we only ask that you put a small percentage of your profits back into the SeedBomb Fund and Community Rewards Wallet. When the Committee participates directly in this, it will contribute 100% of the profits made on any Committee NFT sales to the  SeedBomb Fund or the Community Rewards Wallet (as required). 

You can see more on the Recycling Process in the White Paper. 

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